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UCAT course

From the team who brought you the ground breaking Virtual Work Experience, comes the next generation of live UCAT workshops!

Success in the UCAT comes down to timing, skills, strategy and efficiency. We will teach you all four of these components during our intensive one-day course.

For just £80 you'll get an intensive UCAT crash course, delivered by experts, that'll get you ready to get that top score.

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Boost your score

A small amount of time to make a large amount of difference. 2 hours of tuition that focuses on your weakest sections to see a big improvement on test day.

Bespoke tuition
Outstanding resources
Outrageous improvements
Strategies for every section
Tutors are UCAT experts

An extra 100 points on your UCAT score can be the difference maker in getting your offer to interview!

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What we cover

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Verbal reasoning

The section with the lowest average score year on year. Doing well here can make a huge difference to your average score! We'll go through the skills and strategies you need to succeed from skim reading to identifying key words.

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Decision making

The foundation of this section is logic, so we'll take you through the entire spectrum of questions and how to answer them quickly and correctly. Every subtype is covered!


Quantitative reasoning

A fundamental understanding of GCSE mathematics is essential to perform well in this section. However, the actual technique of scanning a question for key information is infinitely trainable and we'll give you the tools to suceed!

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Abstract reasoning

It's not all just pattern recognition (although this helps!) There are multiple subtypes to get to grips with and we'll show you how to get that top score by being incredibly efficient and effective in your answering.

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Situational judgement test

Whilst it is not essential to get a band 1 in the SJT, it never hurts! Learn how to approach these ethical questions (and will also give you a fantastic head start to the medical interview!)

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Test day strategies

We provide you with all the knowledge you need to succeed, but this is only half the equation. We'll show you the secrets of performance under pressure and how to ensure you reach that top score using the Mission Mindset.

The timetable

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The timetable gives you an idea about the structure of the course.

We cover each section in detail with you involved every step of the way so you leave us at the end of the day confident and competent!

We've structured our course according the latest in educational evidence, meaning you get the breaks you need to understand and retain the information you're given (it comes thick and fast!)

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Conquer the UCAT

Why choose this course?

Preparing for the UCAT is a daunting experience, between the timings and the various subtypes for each section, there's a HUGE amount to learn!

Luckily, we've compiled everything you need to know into an intense 8 hours course that'll leave you ready to put what you've learned into practice.

This is the result of hundreds of hours of work, compiling every strategy and tip from out team of UCAT experts who performed exceptionally in their own exams.

We've then only taken on the very best tutors to deliver the course, so you get the best experience possible.

Come and join us on one of our courses and increase your UCAT score dramatically!

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What people say about us

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“It was just as interactive as the other sessions I've been to and I came away so much more confident for test day!”

Ahmed Rahman

Quotation marks

“It was an intense day so I came away with the strategies and confidence to get the score I needed!”

Amy Baxter

Quotation marks

“I've always been nervous for exams, but I can honestly say I feel so much more prepared after the course! Thanks Mission Medicine!”

Navneet Kaur

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